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Racial Isolation Drives Racial Voting: Evidence from the New South Africa. Political Behavior Blog (with others)


South Africa's Healthy Democracy: Why Zuma's Resignation is a Good Sign. 02-20-2018. Foreign Affairs (with others)


Here Are 4 Reasons That South Africa's ANC Lost Ground in This Month's Election. 08-12-2016. WaPo Monkey Cage Blog (with others)


Decolonisation by Data: A New Agenda for South African Social Science. 07-15-2016. UHURU Now


Face-to-Face Outreach Can Get Youngsters to the Polls. 04-12-2016. Business Day Opinion & Analysis (with others)


Nation Needs Evidence-Based Debate and Decision Making. 01-20-2016. Business Day Opinion & Analysis


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This Data Confirm South Africa's Ruling Party Ignored Mass Protests. 10-23-2015. WaPo Monkey Cage Blog


Enough of Racial Reductionism and Denialism. 09-10-2014. Business Day Opinion & Analysis


Reducing Zille-Mazibuko Saga to Race A Dangerous Game. 05-26-2014. Mail & Guardian Thoughtleader (with others)

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Book Review. Giovanni Carbone and Alessandro Pellegata: Political Leadership in Africa: Leaders and Development South of the Sahara; Kathleen Klaus: Political Violence in Kenya: Land, Elections, and Claim-Making; Robin Harding: Rural Democracy: Elections and Development

in Africa. Perspectives on Politics, 19 (3). (Editor invited and reviewed)


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Book Review. Bill Freund: Twentieth-Century South Africa: A developmental history. 2019. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 57 (4)(Editor invited and reviewed). 


Book Review. Francis Fukuyama: Identity. 2019. Focus: The Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, 85(Editor invited and reviewed). 


Insiders and Outsiders in South Africa. 2014. Focus: The Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, 73. (Editor invited and reviewed). 


Why Human Capital Matters. 2010. Focus: The Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, 59. (Editor invited and reviewed). 


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