POLI 003: intro to comparative politics (u'grad, spring 20)

this is for first-time undergraduate political scientists, looking for a broad survey of the field of "comparative politics." the class takes us on a tour of politics around the world, beginning with a discussion of political theory, then covering the state, regimes, representation, turnout, vote choice, and attitude formation and change. these topics are linked to a number of case studies throughout the semester.


syllabus is available here

slides may be available here in the future

class website is available here (locked to non-UC Merced people)

POLI 219: model-based inference (grad, fall 19)

this is an advanced graduate methodology class which will focus on the use of empirical models for statistical description and prediction with social science applications. the class takes a “learning” approach to modeling, covering GLMs and machine learning. this class follows from the probability, regression, and causal inference classes in the political science methodology sequence. 


syllabus available shortly

POLI 260: comparative political behavior (grad, fall 19)

this course surveys the vast and growing literature on political behavior in comparative politics. thematically, we will cover voting behaviors, identities, cooperative behaviors, ingroup/outgroup dynamics, and beliefs and opinions. most readings will feature empirically rigorous research, with a primary focus on causality, and a secondary focus on measurement and description. readings are drawn from around the world, excepting the USA.


syllabus is available here