I study voter behaviour in new democracies, with a focus on individual turnout decisions and aggregate political inequality, and a secondary interest in the factors that inform vote choice and change. My regional focus is on Southern Africa; I am passionate about encouraging credible quantitative evidence and research design in the study of the region's politics.


[4] Nuanced accountability: Voter responses to service provision in Southern Africa. Forthcoming. British Journal of Political Science

(with Evan S. Lieberman).

Paper. Replication archive.

• Previous version available as Afrobarometer Working Paper no. 161  
• Media coverage: Fin24 


[3] Democratization and economic output in Sub-Saharan Africa. Forthcoming. Political Science Research and Methods

(with Stephen Wittels).

PaperReplication archive


[2] Agents of the regime? Traditional leaders and electoral behavior in South Africa. 2018. Journal of Politics, vol 80, no 2. 

(with Horacio Larreguy).

PaperReplication archive

• Fiona McGillivray Award for the best Political Economy paper (APSA 2014) 


[1] Voting then, voting now: The long term consequences of participation in South Africa's first democratic election. (2017). Journal of Politics, vol 79, no. 2.

PaperReplication archive.

working papers & in progress

Bringing the polls to the people: How increasing electoral access encourages turnout but exacerbates political inequality. Invitation to revise & resubmit. 



Segregation drives racial voting: New evidence from South Africa. 

(with Melissa Sands). Revised & resubmitted.



Digitizing South Africa's historical census to study the effects of (dis)enfranchisement.

(with Joachim Wehner and Johan Fourie).

- Media coverage: LSE Impact Blog


Exposure to inequality in highly unequal societies: Observational and experimental evidence from South Africa. 

(with Melissa Sands). 


Electoral access as distributive politics: Expanding the vote in South Africa, 1994 - 2019. [book project] 


on pause

Disengaged by choice? Why urban youth don't participate in formal politics. 

(with Kate Orkin, Adam Berinsky, and Daniel Posner).


Encouraging young South Africans to vote.

(with Kate Orkin, Adam Berinsky, and Daniel Posner).

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